Talent Evaluation

Selecting Players

Choosing which players to recruit can be one of the more interesting tasks for a coach.  At the lower levels, there are a greater number of athletes who could make an impact on the basketball program.  However as a coach, I have to realize that many of these players are going to be taken by higher level teams who have more to offer.

At the higher levels, the number of players who can help make an impact on a program is much smaller.  However, higher level programs have much more to offer this select group of athletes.

While I could define the ideal makeup of my team, I must also consider that achieving this ideal makeup is a rare occurrence.  There are so many physical and mental characteristics of my ideal team as well as so many other variables in the recruiting process that forming an ideal team is a very odd commodity.

Making a List of Players

Finding Players

The first step in recruiting is finding players.  A few players might find us, but that doesn’t mean they are good fits for our program.  We have to go out and find players.  We have to build relationships with coaches at all levels locally, regionally, and nationally.  Coaches who know we will take care of their players will recommend our program to players.

We have to get out to high school games, AAU games, and showcases. Players and coaches must see us out in gyms and at games constantly looking for players.  We can’t show up at the last minute and ask for players.  We must constantly and actively be on the look out for potential student athletes for our program.

We must also use technological resources that are available to us.  There are a number of websites that provide recruiting information to allow us to recruit outside of our local area.  We may not be able to provide athletes outside of our region the same amount of individual attention that we can give local athletes. However, we can still get to know these athletes, build relationships with these athletes, and bring them into our program.

Recruiting Players

Building Relationships

Finding players is the first step.  However, finding them isn’t enough.  I must recruit them. In my opinion, recruiting them is no different than coaching them.  I must build a relationship with potential student athletes.  If I’m unable to build a relationship, that’s probably a good sign that they are not a good fit for the program.  This relationship must be based on honesty and trust.

Recruits must always feel comfortable with the fact that I will be honest with them about their status with the program.  They must know that I want the best for them first and foremost.  It is my responsibility to make our program as attractive as I can so that players will be drawn to it.

Once a player finds our program as interesting, I must continue to cultivate that relationship in order to increase their interest.  If they end up being not interested in what we have to offer, I must be going through the same process with other players as well so that I can fill our roster.  I can’t coach if I don’t have any players to coach.