Removing Obstacles

Leading by Serving

In my opinion, the best way to lead is to serve.  Instead of telling others what to do, I prefer helping others be better. I must consistently evaluate the obstacles that are in my followers way and then do what I can to remove those obstacles.  This requires that I know my followers and that I listen to them.  It demands that I build relationships with them.  I must know about their lives on and off the court.  I must know how to approach each them so that they will understand my perspective.  They must always trust that I have their best interests in mind. Sometimes all they need is for someone to listen.

I must realize that I am not omniscient and omnipresent.  I do not have the power to make everything go the way I want it to.  Sometimes these obstacles are beyond my control.  Sometimes my followers must remove those obstacles themselves.  However, I should make my followers aware of them.  I should talk to them about how these obstacles are limiting their ability to fulfill their potential.  I should also listen to their perspectives.  Many times people cannot see the obstacles that are in their own way of success and it is my responsibility to make them aware of what is holding them back.

Other times my followers are getting in their own way.  It is their own actions that cause them problems.  In these cases, it is critical that they be held accountable for their actions.  Many times these actions are heavily influenced by outside factors.  My followers must make conscious decisions to deal with these outside factors so that they can be more focused on their own success.