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Preface to my blog

blog |bläg|
a Web site on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative

And so my narrative begins.

I will not start from the beginning. For me to try to relate completely 30+ years of history would be a task as impossible as predicting the events of tomorrow. Even though in the scope of history, 30 years is so short, I am not able to recount all of those years to you.  Even if I could though, I’m really not that important; no one is. We view ourselves as a big deal sometimes, but are we really? Our short lives are just a whisper compared to the rest of time. We can make an impact, but we are not in control and our impact is so dependent on so many other factors. May we make the most of our lives, but not think we are the most important life  that we know.

Not to mention, an all out history lesson is rarely enjoyable or tangible. I do not want to filibuster on the past just as much as you do not want to read it. However, downplaying the importance of the past would be a huge mistake. The past is important. The past is a major part of who I am now. It is a large part of who all of us are. However, there’s a large part of the past that I don’t remember.  Either because I was too young to remember or because it wasn’t important enough to remember, or maybe because I have blocked it from my memory.

Of course, as I write about the present it is already past. But who’s counting? I am sure as I blog on a regular basis many of my experiences will seep out of my brain through my fingertips and onto the screen. I hope you will find it at a minimum enjoyable. Maybe you will actually find something useful to you.

This blog will touch on a lot of different things.  Family, friends, basketball, and math are just a few of the topics that might come up.  Books, movies, music and philosophic ramblings are all possibilities.  I might end up hitting on politics, cars, or travel. There are no boundaries to the topics that I will explore, yet there is also no guarantee on what I might discuss.

It’s a blog. Isn’t blog one of the more random words in the English language?  I think so. Therefore, in the spirit of blogs, I am sure this will be as random as the word itself.

To all, God bless, and do not forget to count your blessings every day.

If your glass is not half full, then turn on the light and look again. I bet you have got a lot more in there than you think you do.