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The phenomenon of “o’clock”

Has anyone ever wondered why we gravitate towards starting events at “something o’clock”?  If the day comes that I get married, do you think my future wife would have a fit if I wanted the ceremony to start at say 5:37?  Would it be terrible if everyone had to be at work by 7:09? Maybe it’s “easier” to start things at “o’clock”.  Maybe we’re just lazy to try and remember anything else.  Maybe TV shows start at “o’clock” to give them excuses for more commercials.  But remember when TBS started all their shows at :05.  They don’t do that anymore do they?

The funny thing is that the Super Bowl always starts at 6:18 or 6:23 or something, and they always find time for commercials.  They never have trouble selling spots either.  Granted, the Super Bowl for a football fan is a Christian’s Easter, but since when does the sun always rise or set at “o’clock”? Not that it really matters.  And it’s not that I’m complaining. Maybe it’s not a phenomenon after all.  I just wonder if this was just a “natural occurrence” or something that someone famous started one day and everyone just followed.  Or maybe there’s a more logical explanation.  Any ideas? I was just wondering……….

August 5, 2009 at 9:18 PM
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