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I like complexity.

As was noted, the title is such a simple statement, yet infinitely meaningful.  Does it remind you of any other phrases?  How about “constantly changing”?  Maybe you can comment with others.

I don’t know that any other statement can sum me up quite as well as that one. I like complex people. I like complex situations. I like complex tasks. Simple people tend to bore me.  Not that many people are really that simple, but some people are uncomfortable with their complexity. I enjoy being able to delve into what makes us tick.  Exploring the summation of our experiences, which have been impacted by countless variables, is exciting. Analyzing these variables, which are completely out of our control, yet shape our lives is fascinating. To deny this complexity is at best irresponsible and at worst dangerous.

Life is going to throw a variety of pitches my way.  Thank goodness they aren’t all straight fastballs.  Sometimes it’s a curve, sometimes it’s a slider.  Sometimes it might even be a knuckleball.  I might not even hit for a very high average, but I’ll figure it out one day and then I might go on a 162 game hit streak.  If you only swing at the fastballs, you’ll never learn how to hit the rest.  Bring on the complexity of life.  If anyone wants to get on base in front of me, I’ll do my best to knock you in.

It’s really simple. You never know what life’s going to throw at you, so stay on your toes and be ready for anything.  That’s not that complex is it?

July 27, 2009 at 9:21 PM
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