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Congratulations! You graduated without doing anything!

Ignorance is bliss.  Learning about what goes on in the world is depressing.  Who knew walking into Wal Mart could be so enlightening and so disturbing?

While waiting in line to check out, I noticed a newspaper for sell.  The headline talked about policy changes for the local school system. I don’t know what all of the new policies were. I didn’t finish reading the article.  I was scared to actually.

One of the new policies…the one that made me quit reading…the one that pushed me to write..did it inspire me to write?  That’s too much of a compliment.

The lowest grade that a student can receive in this particular school system is a 55.  What?  Are you serious?  So I can get half the problems right on a math test and get the same grade as the person who didn’t do anything?  I’ve heard of grade inflation, but this is ridiculous.  We’re talking about HIGH SCHOOL.  High school isn’t that hard. I didn’t say students had to take AP Calculus and AP History.  Basic maths, histories, sciences and literatures are not that demanding.  Throw in a few PE, band, art, and technology classes and you’ve got a high school transcript worthy of a diploma.  If students aren’t willing to do this baseline level work, they shouldn’t graduate.  Maybe they shouldn’t be in school.  Maybe they need to be left behind.

If administrators are just trying to push people though the system, then what’s the point of a high school diploma?  It can be argued, that a high school diploma has very little value.  There are thousands of college graduates who are struggling to find a job, so it’s not like a bachelor’s degree is the final answer either.  But why give someone something that hasn’t been earned? And this is the bigger issue. Can I decide to not show up for work and still receive 55% of my paycheck?  What are we teaching kids? Who really cares if they know the capitals of all 50 states?  Do they understand that to get something you have to work for it?  With this system, they aren’t learning either.

Here you go, you can sit on the bench for the whole game, but we’ll still give you 10 points and 5 rebounds anyway.  Oh, you finished in last place?  Here’s a trophy for participating.  Can we get back to earning what we get?  Earn is such a strong word that it doesn’t even have an antonym according to http://www.synonym.com/antonym/earn/ Interesting?  I think so.

There are consequences to all of our actions.  This country will pay dearly for such policies. While we may be destroying our earth with pollution, littering, and oil spills, we are destroying our future generations with the lack of attention that we’re giving to teaching our children properly.  What makes us think we’re invincible?  It is our people that made us great in the past.  Not our technology or our weapons.  We’re not going to have enough great people in future years to keep us great if we continue down this road. America will eventually pay for allowing and supporting such policies.

May 30, 2010 at 6:44 PM
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