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Just a few drops in the bucket

2 years later

Lebron James won a championship.  Are you really that surprised?  Are you disappointed?  Did you hope he would fail?  Were you hoping to be able to criticize him for another year?  Were you hoping to be able to say that he would never be good enough?

Well now what?  Now he has to win 3 in a row? He has to hit the game winning shot in game 7?  He goes for 4o points 19 rebounds and 9 assists, and he’s expected to do that every night or he’s a failure. Cleveland gave away championships because they didn’t put enough talent around him.  Lebron put winning in front of everything when he went to Miami.  There’s no reason to doubt that this will become a regular occurrence.  He can defend any position.  He can score in so many ways.  He makes everyone around him better.  He’s not perfect.  No one is.  He’s the best player in the game. His average game is better than most people’s good game.  His good game is better than most people’s best games.

He will only get better until his age or health catches up with him.  Even then his ability will allow him to remain at a level higher than most.  His ability to do more than score will allow him to contribute for a longer period of time than most.


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