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Just a few drops in the bucket

I like complexity.

As was noted, the title is such a simple statement, yet infinitely meaningful.  Does it remind you of any other phrases?  How about “constantly changing”?  Maybe you can comment with others.

I don’t know that any other statement can sum me up quite as well as that one. I like complex people. I like complex situations. I like complex tasks. Simple people tend to bore me.  Not that many people are really that simple, but some people are uncomfortable with their complexity. I enjoy being able to delve into what makes us tick.  Exploring the summation of our experiences, which have been impacted by countless variables, is exciting. Analyzing these variables, which are completely out of our control, yet shape our lives is fascinating. To deny this complexity is at best irresponsible and at worst dangerous.

Life is going to throw a variety of pitches my way.  Thank goodness they aren’t all straight fastballs.  Sometimes it’s a curve, sometimes it’s a slider.  Sometimes it might even be a knuckleball.  I might not even hit for a very high average, but I’ll figure it out one day and then I might go on a 162 game hit streak.  If you only swing at the fastballs, you’ll never learn how to hit the rest.  Bring on the complexity of life.  If anyone wants to get on base in front of me, I’ll do my best to knock you in.

It’s really simple. You never know what life’s going to throw at you, so stay on your toes and be ready for anything.  That’s not that complex is it?

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Blogging is fun

I need to post more often but in smaller chunks. Sometimes I just get started on an idea and I feel like I need to flesh it out completely before I post it. By then it ends up being longer it needs to be. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I would like to post something daily. I guess the perfectionist in me wants to make it more than it has to be. I need to convince the perfectionist in me to be satisfied with shorter posts as long as I make them more regularly. I can do that right? Sure I can.

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Hypothesis: Mathematics and Basketball exhibit Similitude (Part IIb)

Mathematics is built off of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These four basic arithmetic operations have led to countless innovations and discoveries in all parts of our world from math and science to business and psychology.  Poets and artists use math as do doctors, lawyers, writers and singers.

The simplest forms of mathematics are fundamental to our daily lives whether or not we realize it, know it, or admit it. Determining our grocery bill, doing our taxes, or separating dark clothes from light ones all involve mathematics.

Mathematics can also be quite diverse and complex.  Many students cringe when they hear differential equations, abstract algebra, or noneuclidean geometry. Whether it is derivatives, matrices, permutations, or trigonometry, mathematics has numerous flavors. From the simplest counting and arithmetic to the most complex and abstract concepts, math comes in many flavors. Regardless of the type of mathematics, all forms of it are rooted in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Without a strong background in these fundamentals, success in mathematics cannot be achieved.

Mathematics has a diverse audience and widespread acceptance.  Math is practiced, studied, and researched all across the world.  Children and adults of all ages are involved with mathematics. Mathematics is done in solitude as well as in groups.  Researchers are racing to discover the next mathematical concepts that might explain certain phenomena or uncover other secrets.  As old as math is, it still works and it will always be a necessary part of human existence.

Mathematics is also very objective.  The answer to a math problem is either right or wrong.  A proof to a mathematical theorem is either valid or it is not.  There is little gray area in mathematics.  There may be multiple routes to achieving the correct answer, but there is only one correct answer.

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Making up for no posts in a couple weeks

I realize I haven’t posted on my hypothesis in a while.  Since I’ve been working basketball camp and recruiting for the past 3 weeks, I haven’t had a lot of time to spend in front of a computer screen.  I’ll continue it.  I just thought I would take this opportunity to talk briefly about how titles and labels for people are really a waste of time and very annoying to me. A label could be something as simple as “white” or “black” or “hispanic”. A title could be something as complicated as the “Interim Executive Manager of Product Development for the Advancement of Tiddlywinks”.

Who really cares!?!?!?!?  Does it really matter what color skin you have?  Does it really matter what language you speak?  Does it matter that you have 15 words in your title to make you seem important? Just because you’re labeled one way, doesn’t make you any more special or important than someone else.  I’ll call you anything you want me to call you if it makes you happy.  Titles and labels are only words.  Words that may have some meaning, but at the end of the day are worth the same amount as the paper that they might be written on.  If you think you’re so important, do something to make yourself important.  I challenge you to do that something for someone else and let them see who you are.  Don’t tell them what title you’ve been given by yourself or some corporate marketing junkie.  Wait…did I just label someone?

As different as we are, we’re still the same. Treat the person beside you the way you want to be treated and life will be better for everyone.

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