Putting It into Practice

Relying on the Experts

Developing a team’s athleticism and conditioning is critical to improving the program.  There is a wealth of information on how to accomplish these goals.  While my experiences in combination with research could help me develop an adequate plan for our team, I would prefer to let an person educated and experienced in training athletes to be better athletes do their job.

My preference is to sit down with an expert and discuss the goals of a conditioning program for our team.  More specifically, I would like each player to have their own specific program.  A player who needs to lose weight should be on a different program than a player who needs to gain weight.  

Every player has different strengths and weaknesses as an athlete just like each player has different skill sets. Some players have more experience in the weight room than others.  Players with more experience likely have better technique than those with less experience.  It is important that those with poor technique be given extra attention to insure their technique is perfected. While I have significant experiences in training athletes, it’s not my expertise and I would prefer to let the experts do their job.

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