Taking Responsibility

My Approach

As obvious as it might sound, coaches cannot coach without players. Players could always play without a coach.  They may not do that very successfully, but as a coach I will never score a point or get a rebound.  Players win games, and especially at the college level, I feel responsible for my team’s losses.

Most often, a team wins games because they have the better players. If I fail to recruit good enough players to compete with the teams on the schedule, how is it the team’s fault that we lost? It may not be possible for me to recruit players to compete with certain teams that might be on our schedule. Regardless that is not the team’s fault.

If our team has similar or superior talent, and we lose, then the other team was better prepared. It is my job to prepare the players to compete. If they are not prepared, that falls on me.  Of course, their lack of preparation or failure to execute could be a lack of effort which I cannot control.  However, if I allow that type of behavior to exist on the team, then I am condoning it. Again, losing falls on me.

Maybe we are as prepared as we could be and we just have not had enough time to prepare to be good enough to beat a certain team.  Regardless that’s my responsibility and not the team’s.  Losing is not the end of the world.  Losing is a part of life.  If we handle losing the right way, losing makes us better.  Sometimes we need to lose in order to see where we need to improve. Losing is not fun, but overcoming a loss with improvement is part of why I coach.

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