Attack the Lane

The Read & React

Playing offense is what most players love to do.  Most players play defense because they have to and play offense because they want to.  The ball seems to be a magical pill.  When players have it in their hands, they always seem to find energy when just a few seconds earlier they looked tired.

Players should be taught how to play offense and then be allowed to play.  Players should be encouraged to make plays not run plays.  The Read and React offense allows the player with the ball the freedom to make the best decision.  It does not dictate any action by the player with the ball.  It is the coach’s job to help teach players with the ball what are good decisions for them in particular situations.  At the same time, the Read and React offense provides simple, structured, and well thought out reactions to the actions of the ball handler.  These reactions must be executed precisely and aggressively.  This provides an unpredictable offensive continuity that will generate numerous scoring opportunities.

Players must be encouraged to be aggressive.  Players who are aggressive with the ball increase their chances of getting fouled.  They consistently force defenses to help which creates other opportunities to get the defense out of position as they recover.  While it does force ball handlers to make more difficult decisions, they can be confident that they will have players in certain areas when they attack.  Even if they can’t see the player, they can learn to trust their teammate is there.


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