A Winning Formula

Building a Successful Program

A successful program is nothing more than a successful small business or corporation.  Our program must have a mission based on integrity, passion, and hard work.  Everyone who is a part of this program must be committed to that mission. 

Our goal must be to recruit quality people, develop those people, and graduate those same people, helping them be better than they were when they first walked through our doors.  Our goal cannot be achieved through the heroics of one person.  It must be a process that we execute every day as we interact with our recruits and student-athletes.

A staff that is committed to these values is step one to building a successful program.  Each staff member must share the same ideals and must be willing to share their opinions, openly, willingly, and respectfully with other staff members.  A staff will have daily discussions about recruiting, scheduling, practice, workouts, game planning, travel planning and the lives of individual student-athletes.  The staff must communicate openly about all of these issues so that each staff member is in tune with each person and knows how to handle each situation.  An individual who is in the dark about a student-athlete’s situation is not well prepared to coach them.  It cannot be expected that a student-athlete tell every coach about every situation.  The coaching staff must be unified in their communications and discussions. 

Staff members are not required to agree with every decision.  However, they must share their opinions and respect the opinions of others.  If a decision is made that they are in disagreement with, they must jump on board and support the direction of the team. 

Assembling a winning staff requires careful selection.  The program must offer enough benefits to attract quality people to the program.  Without a quality coaching staff, a program will have a difficult time being successful.

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