Making a List of Players

Finding Players

The first step in recruiting is finding players.  A few players might find us, but that doesn’t mean they are good fits for our program.  We have to go out and find players.  We have to build relationships with coaches at all levels locally, regionally, and nationally.  Coaches who know we will take care of their players will recommend our program to players.

We have to get out to high school games, AAU games, and showcases. Players and coaches must see us out in gyms and at games constantly looking for players.  We can’t show up at the last minute and ask for players.  We must constantly and actively be on the look out for potential student athletes for our program.

We must also use technological resources that are available to us.  There are a number of websites that provide recruiting information to allow us to recruit outside of our local area.  We may not be able to provide athletes outside of our region the same amount of individual attention that we can give local athletes. However, we can still get to know these athletes, build relationships with these athletes, and bring them into our program.

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