Recruiting Players

Building Relationships

Finding players is the first step.  However, finding them isn’t enough.  I must recruit them. In my opinion, recruiting them is no different than coaching them.  I must build a relationship with potential student athletes.  If I’m unable to build a relationship, that’s probably a good sign that they are not a good fit for the program.  This relationship must be based on honesty and trust.

Recruits must always feel comfortable with the fact that I will be honest with them about their status with the program.  They must know that I want the best for them first and foremost.  It is my responsibility to make our program as attractive as I can so that players will be drawn to it.

Once a player finds our program as interesting, I must continue to cultivate that relationship in order to increase their interest.  If they end up being not interested in what we have to offer, I must be going through the same process with other players as well so that I can fill our roster.  I can’t coach if I don’t have any players to coach.

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