About Me

I work hard. I have been blessed with a lot of talents. Individually and singularly, hard work and talent are not enough, but together they are the two main ingredients to success. I have used my talents to win in all parts of my life. It’s all because when I choose to do something, I work hard at it.

When I look at the world today, I see two different kinds of people: people who are talented and people who work hard. There are millions of talented people who never make the most of their talent. There are also lots of people who work hard that do not have much talent in their respective field.

I believe that I’ve been blessed with an ability to help others along with a work ethic that is constantly trying to maximize that ability. I have a passion for the game of basketball. I have a passion for helping others and I believe that I was put on earth to use the game to help young people grow into better players and better people.  I want to help others use their talents to achieve their goals through hard work.

I will use this portfolio to show my unique experiences as a coach over the last 15 years. A combination of talent and hard work has given me a lot of great experiences that have blessed me beyond measure.